Samsung cameras connect wirelessly to Telia Secure Storage

  • It’s now possible for customers using Samsung cameras to upload their photos directly to the Telia cloud service, Secure Storage, without using any cables. This new feature is a result of a development project between Samsung and Storegate.

    Samsung’s camera model ST200 have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. When Åsa Boström Category Manager at Telia planned a campaign with Samsung she saw the benefits of a wireless solution for the customer.

    – Selling cameras combined with our cloud service will give us new possibilities to show the strengths of Telia, says Åsa. When a customer has transferred the photos to Telia Secure Storage, the photos not only get secured in a safe cloud service, the customer can also easily share photos with friends and family through a web interface.

    To achieve the upload of photos to the cloud, Samsung is using the SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application) API.

    – The API is used by several customers to connect to the SOSA platform, says Bertil Hedén, head of product development at Storegate. For example Telia also have a Digital TV solution integrated to the Secure Storage services using the API. This product allows customers to view their cloud uploaded photos on the TV screen without any hazel with cables.

    For more information contact:

    Bertil Hedén, Head of Product development, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 703-20 14 02, bertil.heden(at)

    Storegate announces cloud content synchronization for service providers

  • The new version of SOSA 2.3 is available. Service providers will now be able to offer their subscribers cloud content synchronization across multiple devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and digital-TV´s anywhere and at any time.

    The sync service includes a white label end user client which can be fully branded and optimized for service providers needs. The client will add a folder in the “explorer” which will be synchronized automatically together with the server and other computers at the same account.

    Highlighted features:

    • Real-time sync
    • Offline access to files and folders
    • Installation with tutorial
    • Settings with possibility to link/unlink computers
    • Status information about quota
    • Notifications when quota getting full
    • Quick launch of web interface
    • Policy settings

    The client has already been certified for Windows 8 but has also support for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OSX.

    – This is a great opportunity for trusted service providers to offer their subscribers a secure and local service with both synchronization and backup features at the same account, says Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director at Storegate.

    For more information contact:
    Stefan Ivarsson, Sales director, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 706-56 57 54, stefan.ivarsson[at]