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Team Online

Collaborate with full control, inhouse and externally, in a safe, Swedish cloud.

Team Online


3 users included
1000 GB storage space included

$ /month

Platform Independent

Using Team Online, you and your colleagues work in the cloud – directly at our servers, saving space on computers. A Storegate-folder is shown in your Browser/Finder and files are accessible from authorized computers only.

Regardless what cloud services you use (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.) – Team Online secures the company, project or board data in one place. That is platform independent. For real.

Storegate Solo is available for Windows or Mac OS X, and there are apps for Android, Apple iOS och Windows Phone.

Office Online ♥ Team Online

Using Office Online with Team Sync makes it possible for you to create, edit, and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the move and in the last minute – in any browser. All changes are saved to your account at Storegate, and thanks to our versioning function you can recreate previous versions.

Full control

“Our projects involve suppliers all running different solutions. Using Storegate, we can work together – completely independent of platform.”

Richard Runnedal, Construction Manager, Skanova

You easily share files and folders from your Team Online group by creating a link. You also manage authorization, limit number of downloads, decide whehter a share is password protected and if and when to disappear.

The administrator is in full control of the business cloud service properties as permissions, versioning, quota status, active licenses and so on. If a unit for example is stolen or misplaced, its access is quickly removed – keeping all data safe.

Never compromise regarding business data security. Storegate provides control and user friendly tools to access files via computer or phone.

Professional support

Team Online is up and running in minutes and there is no longer any use for any slow server updates or VPN tunnels. Sync also replaces other platforms, e.g. Sharepoint, FTP or internal file servers.

As a business customer of Storegate you get personal help getting started with the services you need. Using our support portal, you easily find answers to frequently asked questions or get in direct contact with our support staff.

“Elected as the best cloud service in Europe for companies” by IDG Techworld.

Storegate Security

With us, you can feel safe. All information is encrypted and stored on double server installations in top security locales. All files are available to you only, and you remain in full ownership of your data. Storegate uses https encrypted login authentication, meaning files, folders, user name and password are encrypted over all protocols. Telia Carrier provides infrastructure for web traffic and access.