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Automatic online backup

Secure files, photos and videos from your phone, tablet or computer.

Our services

Backup Mobile

Backup your photos and videos on your phone and tablets.

€1.99 / month
1 user – 25 GB


Backup Mobile includes:

 Backup of mobile and tablet

 2GB file size

Webb interface

 Share images and videos

 Create photo albums



 Mail support


Backup Computer

Automatic backup of phone, tablet and computer.

€5.99 / month
1 user – 50 GB


As Backup Mobile, and:

 Automatic backup, PC/Mac

 Backup of 3 computers included

E-mail notifications

Files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX m.fl.)

  Images (JPG, PNG, PSD m.fl.)

Scheduled backup

Mobile access

Backup Family

Backup your family’s computers, phones and tablets.

€15 / month
5 users – 500 GB


As Backup Dator, and:

 2 computers/users included

Private storage with personal login

Share images within the family

One invoice – one family

Play, enjoy and have fun - we keep your memories alive.

European storage – Full integrity 

We believe in everybody’s right to integrity and privacy – for people, organizations, and companies.

Therefor we store all information where we reside, in Sweden, and on system that we own. This way, we can guarantee you full integrity.

Storegate has provided people and businesses with cloud storage solutions since 2003, and today more than 200 000 customers secure their files in our blue and yellow cloud.

News and Press

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