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Work directly in the cloud through Explorer or Finder. Access and share all common files in the team or project.

Storegate Multi

Correct information, to correct person

All common files online, file locking to avoid conflict copies, support for permissions on different levels.

9,99 € 

per month

excl. VAT

From 3 users
1 000 GB storage

No payment information is needed when trying for free.

Storegate Multi has all the services needed to share, collaborate and secure files in the cloud.

With the Storegate Multi you get an administrator who has control over the users who are invited and the services you choose to activate. Everyone in the team gets their own storage space, with their own login, and a common storage space where everyone in the team can share and access the files they have permission to access. The entire service is compiled on one invoice.

When you collaborate with shared files, it happens directly in the cloud (not sync). This is to be able to handle large amounts of information (no files on local clients), avoid conflicting copies (usually with sync) and to gain greater control over the company’s files. The service also includes synchronization that only syncs team members’ personal files. All stored files can be accessed from both the web or mobile at any time.

Storegate Multi is available for Windows and Mac, and apps are available for Android and iPhone / iPad.

Office Online + Storegate Multi

Using Office Online your Storegate Multi makes it possible for you to create, edit, and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the move and in the last minute – in any browser. All changes are saved to your account at Storegate, and thanks to our versioning function you can recreate previous versions.

Speed and safety

With us, you can feel safe. All information is encrypted and stored on double server installations in tops security locales. All files are available to you only, and you remain in full ownership of your data. Storegate uses https encrypted login authentication, meaning files, folders, user name and password are encrypted over all protocols. Telia Carrier provides infrastructure for web traffic and access.

Professional support

As a business customer of Storegate you get personal help getting started with the services you need. Using our support portal, you easily find answers to frequently asked questions or get in direct contact with our support staff.

“Elected as the best cloud service in Europe for companies” by IDG Techworld.