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Storegate Personal lets you sync, store, access and share photos/files from any computer or mobile device anywhere. All storage facilities are located in Europe and you retain ownership of all your information.

Storegate Sync

With Storegate Sync™, a folder is created on your computer which automatically synchronizes its contents with the cloud. All photos and files put in the folder will be accessible through your mobile device, e-reader and other computers. This also means that anything that goes in the folder is in fact backed up in the cloud, easily and securely!

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Why Storegate?

Here are three reasons to chose Storegate.

  • European support
  • European storage and regulations
  • Storegate – European storage since 2003
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Smart Web Interface

By logging in to the Storegate web portal, you can access all your stored images and files from any computer. This is also where you manage your account, expand your storage space, download new services, create albums for your photos, and more. You can also store information if you are logged on to someone else’s computer.

Mobile apps

Automatic backup of your photos and videos from mobile devices. Access and share files or documents to anyone, at any time. Storegate offers smart apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Office Online – create, preview and edit

With Office Online, you can easily create, preview, edit and share documents in your Storegate account – directly from your browser. Access spreadsheets, presentations and documents whenever you want, wherever you want. All your changes are automatically stored back to Storegate European data centers. You can also use the version history to see old versions of the same document.

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The best way to share information

With Storegate you can share all your photos, files or folders you have stored. Obviously, it only applies to the information you choose to share. With our award winning service, you can share a folder on the web and even allow family and friends to upload their photos / files to your shared folder. Ideal for collecting images from holidays or wedding parties. It also has simple functions for sharing on popular social networks.

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Through Storegate’s Support Portal, you can easily find answers to the most commonly asked questions or get in direct contact with Storegate’s support staff via email.

Cloud Guarantee

Storegate’s Cloud Guarantee ensures that all files stored are only available to you and you retain sole ownership of the stored information. Any information stored is transmitted in encrypted form and stored in duplicate server environments in European data centers with the highest security. Storegate applies an https-encrypted login authorization, which means that both username and password are encrypted.

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