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Storegate starts a new cloud company

Storegate AB starts a new cloud company that will revolutionize the way you save your personal information. In the days, a new Swedish cloud company – Tokeep AB, was started. Tokeep’s business concept is to give its customers control over important personal information by collecting and saving everything in one place, automatically.

Behind ToKeep stands Storegate AB and the founders of Storegate, Matz Karlsson and Bertil Hedén. The company, which was registered on February 6, 2019, already has the CEO and first external investor in place.

As the CEO of ToKeep, Patrick Isacson has been appointed. Patrick has extensive experience in the IT industry and has held a leading position in several entrepreneurial startups, including the past five years as CEO of NODA Intelligent Systems. In addition, I and my founding colleague Bertil Hedén have worked closely with Patrick on several projects and we know that he is the right person for the assignment, says Matz Karlsson, CEO of Storegate AB.

The first external investor in Tokeep was Länsförsäkringar Blekinge. Länsförsäkringar Blekinge has allocated capital to invest in local companies with clear scalability and sustainability in the business concept. After going through the declarations of interest, Tokeep was selected as the first company to invest in.

It’s really nice to be up and running now, says Matz Karlsson. With Storegate’s increasingly strong focus on the corporate market, a new company was required for this investment in the private market. It is a brilliant idea and together with our long experience in cloud storage we have really good conditions to succeed.

The capital raising process is ongoing and we expect the first stage funding to be fully in place by August / September 2019, concludes Matz Karlsson.

For more information, contact:

Matz Karlsson, VD, Storegate AB,

+46 (0) 703 20 14 01, matz.karlsson[at]


Storegate offers a wide range of cloud services that enable businesses and individuals to secure, store, access, share and collaborate with digital information anywhere, anytime. Storegate AB is a Swedish company that believes that the need for privacy and integrity in the future will grow. We are therefore driven by meeting and exceeding the future needs and security requirements in data storage in Sweden. The systems for storage are located in Sweden and are thus governed by Swedish law. This makes it much easier for Swedish companies in terms of GDPR and the new US law CLOUD Act. Storegate was founded in 2003 and is owned, in addition to management, by the venture capital companies Industrifonden, Servisen, T-selskabet, Aggregate Media and the Sparbanken i Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse. For more information, see more at