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Storegate Safe Box offers a secure place in the cloud for extra sensitive information

Storegate is now launching a new cloud service for storing extra sensitive files. The service is called Storegate Safe Box and is a web service with the possibilty for 2-way verification. No clients can be connected to the service and if you want to share files outside the team, identification via password can be required by the recipient.

“Companies and authorities that handle extra sensitive information have realized how easily data can get into hibernation or be hijacked by unauthorized people,” says Matz Karlsson, CEO of Storegate AB.
The Storegate Safe Box is designed for, for example, the Board, which needs a simple and secure place for storing and sharing information. The dentist who needs to share patient information in the form of x-ray plates for the opinion of colleagues or the business lawyer who needs to store and share highly sensitive information such as company acquisitions, patents and more.
– Storegate develops all services on its own platform and as a Swedish company we therefore obey Swedish law. In addition, all files are stored in our own servers located in data centers located in Sweden, concludes Matz Karlsson.

For more information, contact:

Matz Karlsson, VD, Storegate AB,

+46 (0) 703 20 14 01, matz.karlsson[at]


Storegate offers a wide range of cloud services that enable businesses and individuals to secure, store, access, share and collaborate with digital information anywhere, anytime. Storegate AB is a Swedish company that believes that the need for privacy and integrity in the future will grow. We are therefore driven by meeting and exceeding the future needs and security requirements in data storage in Sweden. The systems for storage are located in Sweden and are thus governed by Swedish law. This makes it much easier for Swedish companies in terms of GDPR and the new US law CLOUD Act. Storegate was founded in 2003 and is owned, in addition to management, by the venture capital companies Industrifonden, Servisen, T-selskabet, Aggregate Media and the Sparbanken i Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse. For more information, see more at