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Storegate provides Swedish cloud services to region Stockholm

Storegate AB, a Swedish supplier of cloud services for storing digital information, now supplies Swedish cloud services to region Stockholm .

– More and more people in the public sector need to supplement their IT services with Swedish cloud services for handling sensitive information. This applies to everything from employees’ personal information (so that the employee does not have to decide what can and cannot be stored in the cloud) to share information internally and externally, says Torbjörn Lindkvist, business area manager at Storegate Services.

The first customer to call off the service is SL (Storstockholm’s local traffic), which conducts the reconstruction of Sweden’s largest hub for traffic of various kinds, the project Slussen. SL will use Storegate for information dissemination and data coordination, both internally and externally.

– Our greatest requirement when it comes to such solutions is information security. We share sensitive building data but also other documentation in the project among hundreds of users, says Stefan Österdahl, Data Coordinator at SL, Program Slussen. When we work, our updates go very fast and it is important that everyone is on the latest version of the same file, that solves Storegate, concludes Stefan.

For more information contact:

Torbjörn Lindkvist, Business Area Manager, Storegate Services, Storegate AB

+46 (0) 705 487 463, torbjorn.lindkvist [at]


Storegate offers a wide range of cloud services that enable businesses and individuals to secure, store, access, share and collaborate with digital information anywhere, anytime. Storegate AB is a Swedish company that believes that the need for privacy and integrity in the future will grow. We are therefore driven by meeting and exceeding the future needs and security requirements in data storage in Sweden. The systems for storage are located in Sweden and are thus governed by Swedish law. This makes it much easier for Swedish companies in terms of GDPR and the new US law CLOUD Act. Storegate was founded in 2003 and is owned, in addition to management, by the venture capital companies Industrifonden, Servisen, T-selskabet, Aggregate Media and the Sparbanken i Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse. For more information, see more at