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Partnership with Terieng strengthens Storegate on the cloud market in the Balkans

Terieng (TERI Engineering) is based in Belgrade, Serbia, and is one of the largest IT vendors in the Balkans. Through the partnership, Terieng is to offer Storegate’s solutions for cloud storage. The partnership has already resulted in a joint customer, which is one of the largest telecom operators in the Balkans.

Storegate already has partnerships with IT vendors, such as HP, to reach more markets more efficient. Through the new partnership with Terieng, Storegate gets a full coverage in the Balkans since Terieng have operations in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

– This is interesting markets in many perspectives since IT growth in these countries is very strong. The agreement means that Terieng has the right to sell Storegate’s solutions to their customers as an OEM product, that is, with the customer’s own brand and locally installed and integrated into the customer’s infrastructure, says Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director at Storegate.

Contact information:
Stefan Ivarsson,
Sales Director, Storegate AB
+46 (0) 706-56 57 54