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Christmas is here. Time to wake up our inner child and give the world a second chance?

Although rain drops are rolling down the window panes of our office, we are feeling the Christmas spirit. But in harmony with the rain that ought to be snow, some things in the world do not feel right.

Every day we are met with news of terror, murder, climate crisis and tensions between nations. No doubt, this can leave us feeling a bit dismal.

However, someone once said “each newborn child is a new chance” and at Christmas we are all children again, aren’t we? Also, after Christmas there is a new year coming, bringing a sense of new opportunities, a chance to do things over. To better ourselves. The holidays are a short rest, a chance to gather strength to create a better year. A better future.

The future lies within the children, and that is why we are not giving anyone any presents this year. Instead, we are sending a donation to BRIS (Swedish Non-Governmental Organization working to protect and prioritize childrens rights (more)).

However, we want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and we do so with our, by now almost classic, Christmas film. Reminding us that we all need a good backup. Happy holidays!

/Team Storegate