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Projects phases have different participants from different organizations with different functional needs.

Project participants are located at different geographical positions.

The solution should be easy to administrate and access to project information should be guaranteed regardless of the unit you are accessing it from.

Safety is a top priority and sensitive information should be stored with the highest secrecy.

The project leader demands Personal Data Act contracts and that the data is stored in Sweden.


With Storegate Team you get control of your company’s services and users at Storegate. There is support for all the services needed to store, access, share, work or coorperate with digital information both internally and externally. The service is flexible both with users and storage space and everything is collected in one invoice.

Storegate allows signing of Personal Data Act contracts and stores all your information in Swedish locals. Your personnel each get their own account with unique user information and permissions. They won’t need to use complicated VPN-tunnels and can access your company’s information using computers, smartphones and tablets.

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