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Store sensitive information and/or confidential personal and company information from private and commercial clients.

Share password protected files and folders with clients, partners and agencies.

Collect information using shared folders. Limit access and guarantee that only the correct personnel can see the content.

Access to your information via computer and mobile units regardless if you are in court, your office or at home.

Automated external backup that secures the continuity of your bureau’s information.

Secure storage in Sweden with access to Personal Data Act contracts.


With Storegate the backup for your lawyer firm or bureau will be a simple routine. Our services allow you to save backups of files created using business specific third-party applications and at the same time store other important information. All your documents are in safe hands at Storegate and you also have the possibility to receive e-mail notifications when a backup is completed or, if for some reason, your computer/server is not connecting to Storegate properly.

With Storegate Team you can easily share documents between personnel and create groups, all with different levels of access. You can also collect information from external users such as lawyers, attorneys and other partners. When out in the field at a court room or client you can access all your information using a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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