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Backup of important files that are critical for both you and your costumer’s establishment.

Backup everything. Our services have support for application data, MS SQL Servers, MySQL, open and locked files, NAS, shared folders, external hard drives and more.

Encryption with AEUS 256 bit encryption, get e-mail notifications from both your client and cloud server and status reports in syslog servers.

Safety is a top priority and sensitive information should be stored with the highest secrecy.

You want to share files in projects and with costumers with the same functionality as Dropbox but with Swedish storage and support.

You need to store sensitive information that demands Personal Data Act contracts and that the data is stored in Sweden.


With Storegates solutions you can safely backup your computers or servers directly to the cloud. Our services are perfect for both small and big companies. All data is stored in Sweden under Swedish law and with the highest integrity.

With Storegate Team you get control of your company’s services and users. Storegate Team has support for all the services needed to store, access, share, work or coorperate with digital information both internally and externally.

PS. Do you want to becoma a partner with Storegate and provide the same services to your own costumers? Contact us today!

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