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Secure and automated backup of deals, plans, machine data, configurations and other business related documents that are critical for your operation’s survival.

Quick restorations and direct access to your stored data.

It should be easy to access your information from mobile units and different geographical positions.

Salesmen, retailers and partners need to access and share internal information in a central place.

Share files internally and externally.

Storage in Sweden without transparency is a must.


With a backup solution from Storegate your invaluable information is stored automatically. With over 200.000 customers and more than 12 years of experience we know that each company’s needs are unique. We will gladly help you with getting started and we will secure your continued use of our services. The backup service has support for application data, MS SQL Server, MYSQL, open or locked files, NAS, shared folders, external drives and more. With Storegate you can schedule your backup after your users own unique needs and to save bandwidth and storage space you can for example decide if the backup should be full, incremental or differential.

Other available functions include versioning, AES 256 bit encryption, keys for your own encryption as well as backup status and notifications from both your client and the cloud server.

Access your information from all your mobile units. Share files and folders with colleagues, retailers and external partners. Decide who can see what, who should be notified, how many times a file can be downloaded and if a shared file should have a password or cease after a specific date. Take your file managing to the next level and let your external partners upload data without having to crate a Storegate account for them.

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