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Finance & accounting


Backup sensitive company information like accounting transactions, financial statements, tax returns and other financial reports from clients

Share and collect files and folders from customers and agencies.

Full access to documents and files when needed regardless of your geographical positions.

The Accounting Act requires that all financial data is stored at least 10 years out of office.

Versioning of files that are encrypted in both transmission and storage that ensures unauthorized access.


With Backup from Storegate your company’s backup needs will be a simple routine. Our services allow you to both backup files created using third party programs such as Visma Spcs, God Man etc and at the same time store other important information. All your documents are in safe hands at Storegate and you also have the ability to receive e-mail notifications when your backup is completed or if your computer/server does not connect to Storegate for any reason.

With Storegate Team you can easily share documents between employees and create groups with different permissions. You can also collect files from external partners such as accountants, clerks and other partners. When working out in the field you can ofcourse access all your information using laptops, smartphones or tablets.

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