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Storegate Online Backup

Online Backup

If you want to have backup of folders other than your sync folder, then you should install Storegate Online Backup™. You’ll then get a proper disaster protection for all digital documents and images you have in your computer, automatically. You won’t have to worry about burglaries, fires or computer crashes. And you can always access and retrieve all the information you have stored from any Internet connected computer.

Storegate Sync


With Storegate Sync™, a folder is created on your computer that automatically synchronises its contents with the cloud. All photos and files that you put in the folder will be accessible through your mobile device, e-reader and other computers. This also means that anything that goes in the folder is in fact backed up in the cloud, easily and securely! If you are part of a Team solution, any folders which you have permission to can also be synced.

Storegate Map Drive

Cloud Folder

With the Storegate Cloud Folder (replaces Map Drive -download) you can work directly in files on Storegate via your computer’s Explorer. This means that the files are only available in the cloud and it requires an Internet connection when accessing them. The advantage is that the files are not synchronized locally which is preferred by many businesses. Also, users can immediately see if someone else is working in the file (file-locking). Available only for business subscriptions and for Windows and mac OS.

Storegate Backup Pro

Backup Server

The Storegate Pro Backup™ client delivers an advanced backup for corporate servers or personal computers.

Storegate Mobila Appar

Mobila Appar

With Storegate’s apps for mobiles and tablets, you can access and share files or documents to anyone, anytime. You can also read documents such as Office files and PDF files. Automatic backup of your photos and videos in mobile included.