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Backup Mobile

Secure images and videos from your phone - easily and instantly

Backup Mobile

$ /month

Secure what cannot be replaced

Enjoy life, securing the images of what you experience using Backup Mobile.

All videos and images are stored safely, regardless if replace or loose your phone. TIP: After backup, delete images and videos from your phone – freeing space for new memories. The images and videos you stored you can access from your account using the app.

Included is 25 GB of storage space, equal to about 7,000 images, 125,000 Word-document, 25,000 PowerPoint presentations or 200,000 spreadsheets. If you need more storage space, you can easily increase your storage space. 

Close at hand

In the app for Backup Mobile you can choose how, when and which videos and images to secure in the cloud.

Download the app, set it up, and your memories are safe. Also, they are always close at hand to be shared, without taking up space in your phone.

The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Manage everything, anywhere

Using the web interface you access all your stored images and videos from any computer. There you can administrate your account, your storage area, download clients, create albums etc.

Storegate Security

With us, you can feel safe. All information is encrypted and stored on double server installations in top security locales. All files are available to you only, and you remain in full ownership of your data. Storegate uses https encrypted login authentication, meaning files, folders, user name and password are encrypted over all protocols. Telia Carrier provides infrastructure for web traffic and access.

Professional support

Using our support portal, you easily find answers to frequently asked questions or get in direct contact with our support staff.