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Storegate Team is a secure cloud service which makes it possible to quickly and easily work, collaborate and share digital information anywhere and at any time. All data is stored according to EU data protection regulation and is encrypted and kept in secure data centres located in Europe.

This is Storegate Team

Storegate Team lets you control your users and cloud services. The Storegate Team service supports all functions essential for store, share, access, work and collaborate with digital information inside and outside the team. The service is fully scalable in terms of users and storage and is charged on one invoice.

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On your marks, Get set, Go!

Storegate Team is set up in just minutes and you will be up and running shortly thereafter. There’s no need for slow server updates or complicated VPN tunnels anymore. Storegate Team easily replaces other platforms such as Sharepoint, FTP and internal file servers.

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“Storegate feels simple but modern” quotes
– Jeanette Johansson, Support & client manager, Gina Tricot

Cloud Sync vs. Cloud Work

Storegate offers two different ways to work in files directly from your PC or Mac: Storegate Sync and Storegate Map Drive. In both alternatives users are able to search, open, move, copy, rename, delete files and then save the changes back to Storegate.

Storegate Map Drive offers the same behaviour as a traditional network drive (WebDAV) used to access files from a file server. The Map Drive provides a virtual drive on your desktop without any files being stored on the local hard drive of the computer. The function requires Internet connection.

Storegate Sync is a folder that automatically synchronises all content to Storegate and across your devices. An excellent alternative for colleagues in need of access to their projects and files offline.

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Simple, secure sharing

Share files and folders to colleges and external partners. Decide the access levels and rights, who is going to be notified when changes appear, how many time a file or folder can be downloaded, if the share is password protected or should expire on a certain date. Bring your project to new levels and allow external project members to upload project information and files without a Storegate account of their own.

“Secure and scalable. Easy to setup” quotes
– Thomas Sederström, Elgiganten/Dixon Retail group

Total control

The Team administrator can control cloud functions, such as user permissions, number of file versions, the status of consumed storage space, active sync licenses and more. The administrator can also determine the quota for how much a single user can use of the accounts total storage.

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Office Online – collaboration and co-authoring in real-time

With Office Online on your Storegate account you can easily collaborate in real time anywhere, anytime with anyone – directly from your browser. Create, preview, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. All changes are automatically stored in Storegate’s European data centers. You can also use the version history to see old versions of the same document.

“European supplier and storage was a demand” quotes
– Mats, VOB Syd

Secure storage in Europe

Never compromise on the safety of your business information. Storegate gives your IT department complete control and gives your users easy-to-use tools to sync and work in files across computers and mobile phones.

The data is transferred in encrypted form and stored on mirrored servers in maximum-security data centres. The files are only accessible to you, and you maintain exclusive ownership of all your information. Storegate uses https-encrypted login authorization, which means that user names and passwords are encrypted across all protocols.

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First class support

Storegate’s Support Portal helps you to find answers to frequently asked questions. It can also get you in contact directly with Storegate’s very professional support staff.

“Elected as the best cloud service in Europe for companies”
by IDG Techworld.

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