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Without trust, the possibilities of the web burn inside


It's not the curve in the picture that's the problem, it's the number. Especially the one at the green line. One in three internet users doesn't trust us. People don't trust us.
And by "us" we mean companies that are most visible on the Internet.

It's a sad trend, but it probably follows the rest of society - we trust larger organisations and companies less and less. Perhaps it's because we actually base our decisions on emotion more than rational argument, and that even though everything today is just a click away, many things are still never close, physically. So even if we should trust them, we don't because they feel too distant.

Logically, perhaps the curve should go the other way. Most of what we do online is safer than ever. At least we're looking ahead, and we're doing it with hope. We hold privacy high, and hope more will follow. Together, we can build trust, and then we can enable the full potential of the web.

The curves above are borrowed from ISS and are available in their original context here.