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Things to consider when choosing a cloud service

More and more companies and authorities are choosing to store their information in the cloud. But how should organisations act and what is most important to consider before entering into long-term contracts? There are several important issues that you or your company should be 100% aware of and that today can be decisive in your choice of cloud service provider. To help you and to make it all more understandable, we at Storegate have summarized 3 important issues that you and your company should consider.

Where is the information stored?
There are currently several regulations to comply with regarding the storage of information in the cloud, not least European legislation such as the GDPR, but also US regulations such as the CLOUD Act, Fisa702 and Privacy Shield's invalidation. Even if US cloud services offer storage within the EU to Swedish companies, it is incredibly difficult for them to meet the requirements of the GDPR. For example, through FISA207, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, US authorities can conduct electronic surveillance and gain access to data stored in US cloud services. Most Swedish companies and organisations have procedures in place to comply with EU data protection legislation (GDPR). However, in today's world, it is equally important to consider who can access the information based on the legislation the cloud service is subject to. Find out in which country the company offering the service is actually based and what laws and conditions apply there.

Do I get good traceability in the system?
A prerequisite for you to have 100% control over what is happening on your storage account, so that you comply with regulations such as GDPR, is that there are good traceability options in the cloud service you use. Traceability can also be interpreted as logging, meaning that the company can obtain complete information on every step of your information process and treatment of the files you have stored. As a manager, you are ultimately responsible for how information is processed, and with an event log showing who has been in a file, you can easily keep a record of how files are processed. Important in GDPR is that you know where personal data is held and where it is processed. In our Swedish cloud service, a record is always kept in the form of an event log that clearly shows who did what and when the last edit was made. A simple and clear way for you to see how your information is handled.

Is support available if I need help?
Many customers find cloud service providers very difficult to get hold of. They often offer a lot of great support tools and forums, but when your company needs concrete help and someone to talk to, it's often incredibly difficult to get hold of. In addition, many cloud providers offer services that they have not developed themselves and therefore find it difficult to do anything tangible in the system. Storegate develops its own system and has a Swedish support that is always ready to help you! By using a Swedish cloud service, your information is completely safe.

Want to know more? We at Storegate are ready to guide you to the right choice of cloud service. And if you want to know more about us, just contact They can help you with both large and small business solutions.