Is a Swedish cloud data storage service better than a foreign one?

Many people today wonder where to put their data, and why. Simply put, if you have an association's minutes, contact details of members or employees, or your customer register saved - then you are processing personal data. If you do so as a business or organisation, then you automatically become a Data Controller. And that carries responsibility.

Many Swedish entrepreneurs wonder how and where they store their files. And it's not without reason, because a few things will be different depending on how you choose to do it.

By using a Swedish cloud service..:

  • ...with servers in Sweden, you meet the requirements of the Swedish Accounting Act that all accounting information must be stored in Sweden.
  • meet the requirements of the Personal Data Act to ensure that your supplier applies Swedish law when processing personal data.
  • can be sure that the stored data will not be disclosed to US authorities.
  • ... you can be sure that Swedish law will apply to the contract, that all communication and contractual text with your supplier will be in Swedish and that any third party claims for disclosure of data will be handled in Swedish courts.
  • ...with servers in Sweden, you can be sure that personal data is not transferred to a country outside the EU, which otherwise has special requirements.

So a Swedish cloud service is better? You could say this: It simplifies your liability picture and your control of your legal situation as a user of a cloud service. It simply makes it easier for you to know that you are complying with the law.

/Matz Karlsson, CEO, Storegate AB