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Backup Server

Automatic backup of company server to a safe, Swedish cloud.

Backup Server

29,99 €

per month

excl. VAT

From 1 license
100 GB included

No payment information is needed when trying for free.

Backup Server effectively secures exactly what you need to secure on the company server. As an advanced service, it has great possibilities for adjustments and settings.

Using, among other things, versioning and many other unique features Backup Server provides total protection for the hub of your IT. Secured data is available in a Zip-archibe via the web inteface, accessible whenever necessary.

For detailed information, please view the product manual.

Proven technology

Backup Server is an advanced service, bringing advanced possibilities.

The service supports application data, MS SQL Server, MySQL, open and locked files, NAS, shared folders, external disc etc.

You can schedule the backup depending on your needs and, in order to save bandwidth and storage space, decide whether the backup should be full, incremental or differential (i.e. whether it backs up everything, what is changed since previous backup, or since previous full backup):

Other functions are versioning, AES 256 bit encryption, key for private encryption, and backup status and notifications from client as well as cloud server.

Secure what matters

The most important things in most businesses are staff, customers and data – and the business can’t go on if one is missing.

So, there is no good time for business data down time. A backup with us protects you from natural disasters, fire, theft, neglect and blackmail software – and you are quickly back on track if something happens. Our services combine security with swift recuperation and direct access to data when most necessary.

Storegate Security

With us, you can feel safe. All information is encrypted and stored on double server installations in top security locales. All files are available to you only, and you remain in full ownership of your data. Storegate uses https encrypted login authentication, meaning files, folders, user name and password are encrypted over all protocols. Telia Carrier provides infrastructure for web traffic and access.

Professional support

As a business customer of Storegate you get personal help getting started with the services you need. Using our support portal, you easily find answers to frequently asked questions or get in direct contact with our support staff.

“Elected as the best cloud service in Europe for companies” by IDG Techworld.