About the company


Storegate’s vision is that in the future everyone will keep all of their digital information accessible online.

Business mission

Storegate’s business is to offer secure and cost-efficient on-line services that support users’ need to store, access, share and work with their digital information anywhere, anytime.

A service for all needs

Storegate offers you all the services and functions you need to sync, share, access and work in the cloud anytime, anywhere. With Storegate Live Sync you can work locally with your files the way you’ve always done – with the major difference that your digital information is accessible from any computer or smartphone.

With Storegate Online Backup, you no longer need to think about backing up your computer. We take care of it for you, automatically. That’s what we call convenient and safe. You log into Storegate from any computer or smartphone, using your personal user information. In your account, it’s easy to manage your files and folders. Why not create a photo album of your latest vacation and share it with family and friends?

Storegate Team is an awarded corporate service that facilitates collaboration without sacrificing security. With Storegate Team the company maintains control of all users and information.

Storegate stores the most important information in the world – yours.

Billions of files are stored in Storegate’s system. Files that for many people are irreplaceable. It’s a big responsibility – one that Storegate takes very seriously.

Consequently, all information is stored in the most professional environments. The data centers where the files are stored are rated maximum security in terms of intrusion, fire protection and power supply. All components of the system are doubled for reasons of fault tolerance. Backups are always made on two different media. The information stored is not accessible to anyone but the person who stored it and has the proper user ID and password. All Internet transfers are encrypted.

Business areas

Storegate offers its services through two business areas:

Storegate Services:
Offers Storegate services under its own brand through www.storegate.com and in cooperation with partners and resellers such as Folksam, IDG, If, TryggHansa, SEB and Solid.

Storegate Solutions:
Offers Storegate services in close cooperation with partners under partner brands. Examples include TeliaSonera, Telecom Italia, Visma, Turkcell and Com Hem.

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