Swedish reseller network expands

  • The number of Swedish IT professionals choosing to offer their customers cloud storage with Storegate is increasing and the network now stretches from the very south of the country to the most northern parts.

    Most resellers function as both supplier and support for small to medium size businesses and supply complete solutions. To Storegate, they are an important strenght when meeting the demands of a broad and varied market.

    – Even if most of our products are very easy to set up and manage it is a great support, especially for those who need help setting up a larger installation to backup server systems or managing large numbers of users for sharing and co-working with folders and files.

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    A blue and yellow cloud – a part of our new identity

  • abisko-foer-nyhetsbrev_eng

    As of today, it is clearer to customers of Storegate that all files placed with the company are stored in Sweden, protected by Swedish law.

    Storegate is updating the company visual identity, which among other things brings a new logo. The new logo is part of a larger effort where we want to be clear about who we are, since this affects what we do. Neutrality and integrity are traditional Swedish values and they harmonize with what we stand for – secure storage with high integrity, and we think a blue and yellow cloud illustrates this well.

    As we clarify where we stand on integrity, we think it’s a good time to release an updated version of our privacy policy.
    The policy is our promise, and written declaration, of responsibility on how we handle the information you choose to share or store with us. It explains how we, on all levels, meet and excel the new policies from EU regarding, for example, involvement of third countries.

    Read a longer version of this article (only in Swedish) or read the updated Privacy Policy.